Friday Link Love: More Content Edition

Ah, I apologize for kind of half-assing it this week. Coming back from vacation has been harder than I expected. I missed posting yesterday because my Internet connection was down all night, AND my cable was also down so all I did was watch disaster movies and eat pretzels. This weekend I’ll get my ass in order and be back to my regular post schedule.

Anyway! I found many interesting links this week I’d like to share.

  • Firedoglake reports that the Bush administration engaged in illegal human experimentation as part of their torture program. This is disgusting but not entirely surprising considering the other egregious activities those in the administration engaged in. Still, the fact that this happened in the U.S. is reprehensible, and I really wish the Obama administration would rethink their policy on not prosecuting members of the previous administration.
  • According to The Week, BP is paying to dominate Google search results on various queries involving the Gulf oil spill. Their PR “informational” site comes up first for search terms such as “spill”, “BP disaster”, and “offshore oil”. I’m sure this is nothing new for corporations to do, it’s just more annoying now because it’s BP and their tactics of restricting media access and blatant denial of the magnitude of the disaster don’t make for objective reporting on the status of the spill.
  • Sojourners’ God’s Politics blog explores the “Christian-itude” of Libertarianism and the Tea Party and finds they come up short. Who would have thought a political philosophy that basically advocates for the stripping away of government protections for the marginalized, among other radical theories that benefit corporations more than actual people, wouldn’t jive with the tenets of actual Christianity? I’m not a Christian, but I found this very interesting since the hypocrisy of so-called “Christians” in the Republican Party and now the Tea Party is not usually examined by Christians concerned with social justice.
  • This is kind of old, but AlterNet alerts us to 3 facts we should know about the Gaza flotilla incident and how the information coming from the Israeli government is misleading as to what actually happened.
  • My sister Snarky’s Machine is blogging for Bitch Magazine for the next 8 weeks! Check out her smackdown of craptastical director Michael Bay over the firing of Megan Fox and his general sexism and arrogance.
  • Everett, one of my road dogs from I Fry Mine in Butter, is ALSO blogging for Bitch for the next 8 weeks, so it’s like a big Fry Butt party over there this summer (I’m starting my tour of duty in August). Read his latest post about the panoply of sexist comments made this week regarding Sarah Palin and Helen Thomas, among others.
  • And finally, the amazing s.e. smith of this ain’t livin’ is guest blogging for Feministe for the next two weeks and ou is tearing it up. Check out ou’s post on the scapegoating of female creators in pop culture.

That’s it for this week, folks. I’ll be posting a schedule soon of where you can catch me this summer, too, so watch out for that.

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