Friday I’m in (Link) Love

Threadbared has a really toothsome post up about “carceral chic”, inspired by Calvin Klein’s S/S preview show at a decommissioned Singapore prison.

Remember when models were women and not children? Well apparently “older is the new black“, as evidenced by the presence of models older than 14 on the runways this season. Coco Rocha not getting work because at 21 she’s considered long in the tooth? Sometimes (well, most of the time) I have no idea what world casting directors are living in.

Snarky’s Machine expertly deconstructs one of my favorite SATC episodes in “To Be Real“. It’s the fashion show episode where Carrie becomes “fashion roadkill”. Both the post and the episode are yummy.

Refinery29 has a piece up about plus-size fashion blogs and shopping sites. It features three of my favorite fatshion blogs: Fatshionable, Saks In The City, and Young, Fat & Fabulous.

Ms. Jacks asks what we can do to restore Lindsay Lohan’s dignity over at I Fry Mine In Butter. Personally, I think it’s been trampled on to the point of no return, but that’s just me. Supposedly she Botoxes? I guess with the amount of tanning that girl does, you may very well need Botox at age 23.

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  1. Snarky's Machin April 18, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    The casting directors have watched "Logan's Run" a few too many times.

    Carousel for everyone! *bursts into flames*