Countdown To 30

So in 11 days I’ll turn 30. Earlier in my existence, I had a lot of lofty goals regarding what I would be doing with my life by this point in time. Right now I’ll be happy just reaching 30 period given what my prognosis was early on in my struggle with bipolar. I’m still a total mess, but I like to think of myself as a quirky, amusing mess most of the time, although my ex-(?)husband/roommate/booty call/whatever probably doesn’t think so when we’re arguing about how I need to return some crap I bought early on in the pay period to cover groceries and other necessities.

I personally think BeneFit “Touch Me Then Try To Leave…” cream is a necessity, but my stomach says otherwise. Apparently there are no dinner recipes that incorporate body cream in them.

Right now I need to pull myself together and WRITE. I’m doing the I Fry Mine In Butter thang, which is a welcome relief from all the deep introspective journalling I’m usually doing. Honestly, at this stage in my life I’m kind of done with revealing much too much about my personal life to random strangers online. I’m ready to make writing a career and do the hustle necessary to enable me to work doing something I’m actually good at.

Moving on…

I’ve been organizing my wardrobe like crazy lately. It’s really freeing. I want to love everything in my closet and not wear an item just because I feel like I have nothing better to wear that day. I don’t want to have to fidget with my clothes all day because they fit oddly. So getting rid of the flotsam I don’t wear gives me more room to rebuild my wardrobe with clothes that fit, that aren’t necessarily big oversized tents that I hide my fat under. I’ve ended my brief obsession with wearing only vintage clothing. I had to get rid of a few vintage dresses I don’t and won’t wear. I’ve already picked up a couple cute pieces at H&M and Faith 21 (fat chick clothing line by Forever 21). I will try to maybe post a few OOTD pics on here at some point. I have a reluctant cameraman and really crappy lighting, so.

alligatortailcuffI’ve sworn off pretty much all vintage on Etsy and now I’m back to looking at new and upcoming designers. I got this shop link from J at – It’s called UNEARTHED. It’s amazing, natural material jewelry. Stingray, lizard, alligator tail, snake… so gorgeous. I’m showing you some of my favorite pieces. I’d like to get at least one when I get paid.


Well, my pills are kicking in so I’m guessing I’m going to stop making sense soon. I may put up a video blog tomorrow, so look forward to that. Until next time, sweeties.

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